Other Courses 


We have a range of other courses and workshops ranging from 1 hour workshops to 1 day and 2 day courses.  With the exception of First Aid for Mental Health, which is an accredited course with CME and CPD credits,  these are  non-accredited soft skills development training ideal for individuals, professionals and students and also ideal for CPD credits. Our courses provide learning and development and mental health support for social groups, social issues and individual needs and with the aftermath of COVID-19, we have extended our reach to all who need it.


ECAF provides the following dynamic and interactive training courses:

  • Family First Aid for Mental Health (Helps individuals understand how they contribute to family members’ good or poor mental health and how to create a positive mental health environment in the home).
  • Conflict Resolution (Teaches how to resolve conflict in the workspace to maximize workers full potential) 
  • Family Relationship (Teaches about the dynamics of the family and how to make it work for everyone, so that the full potential of each member can be achieved)
  • Parenting (Teaches parents effective skills for good parenting) 
  • Get Set for Success (Personal Development, Managing Challenging Relationships and Managing Money) 
  • Mentoring (Teaches the principles of how to be a mentor) 

Our programme:
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